DCCR briefing October 2023

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The Devon and Cornwall Care Record (DCCR) enables authorised health and care staff to see details held by a wide range of providers across Devon, Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly in a single record. It gives professionals a more complete view of a patient’s history and is part of a national programme.

Electronic Treatment Escalation Plan (eTEP) going live

The eTEP form will be live from Monday 23 October 2023 for use initially in the Plymouth and West Devon area. Users from other areas, including Cornwall, will be able to view any eTEP created in the system, but are asked not to create new TEPs at this time.
Rollout to other areas will follow, with the intention for Devon to have all TEPs completed in the DCCR by 1 April 2024.

Role access is shown below:

Role number Access rights
Role 1 No access
Role 2 No access
Role 3 Read only
Role 4 Read and write (full access)

Any user who needs a different role assigned should contact their sponsor. In Plymouth and West Devon the default role access will be Role 4. Users will be reminded that they should only complete or amend TEP forms if they are competent to carry out this task.

The form itself has several mandatory fields to ensure full completion, including questions relating to mental capacity. There is a full audit trail of the original completion and any subsequent changes, including dates and times and the e-mail address of the person making the change.

A printed version of the form should always be provided to the patient and/or their family, or the person with Health and Welfare Power of Attorney. This is essential so that patients are aware of the conversation and what it means.

There are several support resources including video instruction on how to access via TPP and SeeEHR launch in context and a best practice guide:

Portal users will need to search for the patient first, but from the summary page there is no difference to the process.

A dedicated website will be published shortly with further resource and information on this will follow.

For additional information, email James Boult at james.boult@nhs.net or Jane Bullard at jane.bullard@nhs.net.


The roll-out to new organisations and staff groups within existing organisations is continuing and this is going to accelerate significantly as part of the rollout of the eTEP.

Organisations not already signed up but wishing to participate are asked to e-mail d-icb.devonandcornwallcarerecord@nhs.net and somebody will contact you with information about how to engage with the programme.

Phase 2 and beyond

If you are using the DCCR you will have noticed several new dashboard panels with no content but labelled ‘Under Development’ – these include Documents, Allergies and Care Plans. You will see that there is now content in these panels with Documents from RCHT primarily and may include Discharge Summaries, Advanced Care Plans, Lasting Power of Attorney and ‘About me’ patient preference and instruction.

The intention is for more documents from University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (UHP) and Royal Devon University Healthcare (Royal Devon) to follow.

There is nothing shown at present in the Care Plan panel, but this is about to change, and more details are included below in the eTEP update.

The implementation of the Organisations Involved and the names of the last five people to view a record dashboard panel has been deferred while we concentrate on GP Connect and the eTEP, but this is still on the plan for later this year.

We are keen to get feedback from users on how the system could be improved, and the type of information that would be useful to see. While we can’t always deal with all requests – due mainly to the age of some systems that are in use – we will consider all suggestions, and where integration is technically possible, add this to the forward plan.

GP Connect

GP Connect testing has proved to be more time consuming than hoped, but more related to a change we must make to the login for Portal users.

To meet certain NHS England requirements for access to GP Connect we need to implement a different authentication tool called Keycloak – and this needs to be fully tested. From a user perspective there will be some minor changes and we will notify all portal users before we go live. Launch in Context users are not impacted.

Go-live for GP connect is now anticipated to be mid to late November.

The national picture

The reorganisation of NHS England is nearing completion and the Shared Care Record programme has been re-named Connecting Care (ConCare). The ambition for shared records remains firm and NHS England has a roadmap for the next three years to include linking up shared care records across England within the next 6-9 months.

The DCCR will be working with Orion as a first of type for integration with the National Record Locator (NRL) which is the preferred technical solution.

In a future bulletin we will provide more detail of both the progress in respect of NRL integration and the national strategy.

Find out more about the DCCR

The programme team has also produced a range of resources to help staff and patients find out more about the DCCR. These include a:

  • Quick guide to the DCCR – basic details about the programme.
  • Patient communication toolkit – a suite of marketing materials to help organisations inform their patients and service users about the DCCR and its benefits. (download the quick guide and patent toolkit from the DCCR resource)
  • Website – information about the DCCR for patients and health and care staff. The site can be found at https://devonandcornwallcarerecord.nhs.uk/
  • Training website – supports staff of participating organisations in the use of the DCCR platform. The site includes user guides and short videos and can be found at https://elearning.cornwall.nhs.uk/?p=site/m/devon-and-cornwall-care-record
    Spread the word and get in touch Please forward this email to any colleagues who might be interested in knowing more about the Devon and Cornwall Care Record. And if you have any questions about the programme or would like to find out more, email the team on d-icb.devonandcornwallcarerecord@nhs.net

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