Helping patients across Devon and Cornwall

The Devon and Cornwall Care Record brings together patient data from a number of health and social care providers and presents it as a single record.

This new system enables frontline staff to see details held by GP practices, hospitals, care homes and other organisations across Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, giving them a more complete view of a patient’s history.

How will it improve your care?

Having access to patients’ overall health and medical history will help health professionals identify problems more effectively and make quicker diagnoses.

They’ll be able to see what medication you’re taking and if you have any allergies. As well as making treatment safer, this will provide patients with greater continuity of care.

The improved administration will save healthcare staff time chasing down information and spare you the frustration of having to repeat yourself as you move through the system.

Useful links

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Data Security and Privacy

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Health and Care Staff Information

Find out how staff can stay updated and get involved in the programme.

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