Health and Care Staff

The Devon and Cornwall Care Record is a new system that brings together patient data from a wide range of clinical systems and presents it as a single record.

It enables authorised health and care staff to see information held by other providers across Devon and Cornwall’s health system – from GP practices and hospitals to hospices and care homes.

Most health and care staff can view records through their organisation’s existing IT system, which means they won’t need additional log-in details. However, some will have to access it through a web-based portal, which will require them to log in.

Who leads the programme?

The Devon and Cornwall Care Record programme team is made up of clinicians, information governance specialists and communications professionals.

The team’s key role is to implement the programme’s strategy and it reports to the wider digital transformation boards in Devon and Cornwall. The team also works closely with patient representative groups to ensure patients have a say in the programme’s development.

Keeping you involved and informed

The Devon and Cornwall Care Record team sends out a monthly bulletin to keep health and care staff updated on the progress of the programme. If you’d like to be added to the mailing list – or have any other questions about the programme – please email

Or, if you’d like us to attend one of your regular meetings (for example, a primary care meeting) to provide a more comprehensive outline of the programme, please get in touch. We’ll also be organising bespoke workshops to involve you in aspects of the programme as it develops.

Page last reviewed: 14 June 2023

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