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A new system that aims to transform the way information is shared among health and care organisations has been launched in Devon and Cornwall.

The Devon and Cornwall Care Record (DCCR) enables authorised health and care staff to see details held by a wide range of providers across Devon, Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly in a single record. It gives professionals a more complete view of a patient’s history and is part of a national programme.

Phase 2 and beyond

The interface to allow the sharing of documents is now in place and Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust (RCHT) has commenced testing. Once completed, we hope to be able to make some documents available in early summer. Once we have this operational for RCHT, we will look to roll this out to other participating organisations.

We have been engaging with the radiology systems supplier to ascertain the best way of surfacing these types of results.

The migration to GP Connect is gathering pace and the support team have received some initial training to support the migration. We are currently waiting on the completion of some additional technical and security activity before undertaking formal testing in late spring.

The DCCR support team have recently been provided training on, and access to, the Discover reporting tool. This will be used to provide adoption statistics and to support the pro-active audit activity in conjunction with the South West Central Commissioning Support Unit who have been commissioned to support our information governance activity.

We are keen for feedback from users on how the system could be improved, and the type of information that would be useful to see. While we can’t always deal with all requests – due mainly to the age of some systems that are in use – we will look into all suggestions, and where integration is technically possible, add this to the forward plan.


The roll-out to new organisations and staff groups within existing organisations is continuing, but operational pressures mean that not all organisations that have signed up are in a position to undertake the next steps to make their data available or make the system available to their staff yet. The DCCR support team are happy to work with any organisation or GP practice to assist wherever possible.

The DCCR does now have the first ‘early adopter’ social care organisation connected as a consumer. We will be working with this stakeholder over the next few weeks to obtain feedback before undertaking a wider rollout in the early summer.

Currently, access for social care providers is via the portal but we have started initial discussions with some of the specialist system suppliers about providing launch in context and an interface to allow the sharing of information.

Plymouth City Council’s system supplier (OLM) has agreed to undertake the necessary work to provide launch in context in their Eclipse system, as well as provide an interface to surface some social care data within the DCCR.

Future capability

Next month there will be an update on the two new dashboard cards mentioned in the last bulletin (‘Organisations Involved’ and ‘People Involved’) but due to other priority activity, this will take place after we have gone live with GP Connect.

GP Connect

There are two versions of GP Connect – ‘unstructured’ and ‘structured’. Initially we will be surfacing the unstructured data, and users will see little difference from what is there now and how this is displayed. However, as soon as we are live, we will be working with Orion to test the structured version. This will allow us to provide a much-improved Medicines Management view and a new Problems tab.

The support team have seen early demonstrations of these tabs and the way in which the data is displayed and can be searched and sorted is much improved over the unstructured view we have at present.

Treatment Escalation Plan (TEP)

The initial version of the TEP has been available in our test environment for a few weeks and key stakeholders have been testing and reviewing both the form and the associated workflow. One or two minor changes will be requested from Orion but it is anticipated that these will be completed quickly.

The next stage is to embark on the wider Change Management activity and several stakeholder engagement demonstrations and events will be held over the late spring and early summer.

Work with the One South West programme is ongoing to provide the South West Ambulance Trust (SWAST) with access to this document.

For additional information, email James Boult at james.boult@nhs.net.

The national picture

Shared Care Records continue to be a national priority for the NHS, with specific emphasis now on linking up the disparate systems to provide the ability of health and care professionals to access records for patients across England.

As a popular holiday destination, this capability will be particularly useful for Devon and Cornwall.

Representatives from the DCCR will therefore be engaging not only with the One South West programme, but also the wider national work being undertaken by NHS England.

Find out more about the DCCR

The programme team has also produced a range of resources to help staff and patients find out more about the DCCR. These include a:

  • Quick guide to the DCCR – basic details about the programme.
  • Patient communication toolkit – a suite of marketing materials to help organisations inform their patients and service users about the DCCR and its benefits. (download the quick guide and patent toolkit from the DCCR resource)
  • Website – information about the DCCR for patients and health and care staff. The site can be found at https://devonandcornwallcarerecord.nhs.uk/
  • Training website – supports staff of participating organisations in the use of the DCCR platform. The site includes user guides and short videos and can be found at https://elearning.cornwall.nhs.uk/?p=site/m/devon-and-cornwall-care-record

Spread the word and get in touch

Please forward this email to any colleagues who might be interested in knowing more about the Devon and Cornwall Care Record.

If you have any questions about the programme or would like to find out more, email the team on d-icb.devonandcornwallcarerecord@nhs.net.

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