DCCR July briefing update 2022

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Across Devon and Cornwall, a programme of digital work is underway to deliver a new system called the Devon and Cornwall Care Record (DCCR) that will transform the way we provide services to patients.

The DCCR enables authorised health and care staff to see details held by a wide range of providers across Devon, Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly in a single record – giving them a more complete view of a patient’s history. It is part of a national programme to transform information sharing across health and social care.

Each month we provide an update on how the programme is developing. In this issue, alongside our regular features, we have included a focus on the DCCR Support Team, who will be supporting system users.

System launch

The programme team is preparing to launch the DCCR system over the summer. This is part of a phased roll-out that will enable additional organisations to sign up to use the system over time.

Engaging health and care providers

We are continuing to hold interactive webinars to provide our primary care colleagues with more information about the DCCR, answer queries and let them know how they can participate.

The next webinar is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 9 August, 12pm-1pm – if you would like to attend, please email the team at d-icb.devonandcornwallcarerecord@nhs.net

We are also planning to widen the scope of the webinars in subsequent months, to include staff working outside of primary care. The first of these events is due to take place on Wednesday 7 September 10am-11am.

Data sharing agreement

To participate in the programme, all stakeholder organisations must sign a data sharing agreement (DSA). Once we have held conversations with organisations to get them onboard, we send them the DSA via an electronic document system called DocuSign.

To date, 108 organisations have signed up. This includes 98 general practices across Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The table below breaks down how many GP practices and patients, across the two ICSs, will be included in the programme.

ICS area GP practices signed up to the DCCR GP patients included in the DCCR
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly 29 out of 56 (52%) 358,342 out of 602,758 (59%)
Devon 69 out of 121 (57%) 753,710 out of 1,264,993 (60%)

You can see a list of the participating organisations on the DCCR website.

Technical development

With the programme scheduled to launch for users this summer, the system is reaching the end of its development and testing period.

The system will be sharing data being provided by the following organisations:

  • Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT)
  • Devon Partnership NHS Trust (DPT)
  • Livewell Southwest CIC
  • Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (RCHT)
  • University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (UHP)
  • General Practices

Over time, the system will expand to provide data from more organisations.

Other news

This week, members of the programme team attended a webinar to find out more about the recently launched shared care record system in Derbyshire. This event provided some invaluable insights for the team as they prepare for the DCCR launch this summer.

Find out more about the DCCR

The programme team has produced a range of resources to help staff and patients find out more about the DCCR. These include a:

  • Quick guide to the DCCR – provides staff of participating organisations (and those who may sign up in the future) with basic details information about the programme.
  • Patient communication toolkit – a suite of marketing materials to help organisations inform their patients and service users about the DCCR and its benefits. This includes email text, a web article, a leaflet and digital graphics.
  • Training website – supports staff of participating organisations in the use of the DCCR platform. The site, which includes user guides and short videos, can be found at https://elearning.cornwall.nhs.uk/?p=site/m/devon-and-cornwall-care-record

To request copies of these resources, or to find out your organisation can get involved, email the programme team at d-icb.devonandcornwallcarerecord@nhs.net

July’s focus, DCCR Support Team

The DCCR Support Team will manage user accounts for the DCCR and handle support issues. Here, Lucy Pye, the Support Team Leader, gives an insight into the team’s role and how they have been preparing for the programme’s ‘goes live’ date this summer.

What is the team’s main role?

We will be supporting users across all the participating organisations, who will be using the DCCR. This includes setting up user accounts, handling support issues, undertaking audits and monitoring the system.

How many people make up the team?

Including myself, the DCCR Support Team comprises six members, who all have extensive experience in system support roles within the NHS and local authorities. We’re also excited to be welcoming our final team member who will join us this month.

How have you been preparing for the DCCR’s launch?

As well as developing processes to support users, we’ve been learning as much as we can about the system by reading documentation and undertaking testing. We’ve also been working with Orion, who are the technology provider of the system, and other organisation support desks to develop processes for how we can work together to support users most effectively.

What have you learned from talking with other shared care record support teams?

Other shared care record support teams have told us about the sorts of issues users have faced, which has helped us prepare our own procedures. It’s also been good to learn about the system potential as usage increases. We’ve also found out how interesting the role will be as we’re working with such a range of different organisations and users.

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